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OK – RETAILERS – Bill passes House that would make it easier to buy a gun

Today was a busy day at the State Capitol as the House floor saw the debate over a bill that would make it easier to buy a gun. House Bill 16-30 modifies how the state enforces the use and misuse of firearms in a number of ways, but the modification of certain background check procedures drew the most criticism. “A person with a mental  health illness, a person that has been diagnosed, a person that has been, that has a tendency for violence, that person can now purchase a firearm,” said State Rep. Jason Lowe, (D) OK House District 97. The NICS or National Instant Criminal Background Check System would no longer be required to purchase a firearm. “There’s no background check, there’s no protection to the citizens of the state of Oklahoma, as far as making sure that that person does not get a firearm and causes deaths,” said Rep. Lowe. But the author of the bill, State Rep. David Hardin, says OSBI’s background system check already does the job. “As far as background checks they’re going to look into it if you pass an OSBI background check then I’m pretty sure you don’t have any mental issues you’ll get a more thorough check through the OSBI than you would the NICS system,” said State Rep. David Hardin, (R) OK House District 86.And supporters of the bill were happy to see it pass. “I’m elated because I can go to a gun show and get that gun at the show. Right now with all the gun purchases going on the NICS system is back up. It can take up to three days if you’re deferred they just never contact the gun broker back,” said Timothy Harper, who came to support HB1630.House Bill 16-30 passed house 78 to 18.It now heads to the senate.  [full article]

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