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OR – FEATURE – Ray Burden: Champion Long-Range Shooter, Industrial Park Pioneer, Builder of Paul Bunyan’s Rifle

The walls of the Canby Rod and Gun Club are lined with photos, trophies, ribbons, medals and other paraphernalia from decades of serving gun owners, trap shooters and other firearms enthusiasts from the local area. But if you spend some time, and look closely at the inscriptions on many of the accolades, you might start to see a familiar name: Ray Burden. He was the president of the Club for a number of years, but he was also much more than that, as you’ll soon see. His most striking contributions to the Club, though, don’t bear his name at all. He helped build the lodge at its present location south of town, and designed pit and target pulling system. (He did the same thing for the Douglas Ridge Rifle Club in Barton.) Finally, if you walk into the Canby gun club and look up, you will see a massive rifle mounted in the ceiling’s wooden beams. “Paul Bunyan‘s Rifle,” the placard reads. It was actually built by Ray Burden and Dean Enstead, a gunsmithing friend of his from Oregon City. They fired it one time. I can only imagine how many people were asking, “What was that boom??” that day. Ray was a shooting star — literally — in an international career that spanned well over three decades.  [full article]

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