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OR – GUN CRIME – ‘Arms race’: How the Portland shooting shows protesters on the right and the left are bringing guns

Though he was a middle-aged father, the Oregon man received a gunshot wound when he interceded in a confrontation, was caught driving 111 miles per hour in a Cadillac while apparently racing his 17-year-old son in another car and packed a gun as he joined in the Portland protests. It was there that he allegedly shot and killed a pro-Trump counter-protester only to die himself Thursday in a shootout with federal agents who had come to arrest him outside Olympia, Washington. His actions shatter any conception of left-wing protesters shunning the use of deadly weapons while their counterparts on the far right show up in groups that wear military fatigues and openly carry pistols and assault rifles. Those who study extremism say that the events in Portland in the past week underscore the potential for demonstrators on both sides to arrive armed, vastly increasing chances that peaceful protests can turn violent. The situation becomes “extremely dangerous,” said Mary McCord, a Georgetown University law professor and former acting assistant U.S. attorney general. The constitutional right to peaceful protest is trampled when “you have armed factions ideologically opposed to each other.”  [full article]


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