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OR – GUN RIGHTS – Second Amendment Sanctuary On The Ballot In Coos County (VIDEO)

The Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance, Measure 6-181, has made it on the ballot this year in Coos County. The measure aims to create a sanctuary zone for the Second Amendment. That means Coos County officials would not be able to enforce state and federal gun control regulations if passed. If the measure passes, conceal carry laws and bans preventing the mentally ill from owning a gun would be removed. However, the measure technically doesn’t apply to background checks because they are done through private gun retailers, not county officials. “We think people should be allowed to go to court to defend themselves before they have their guns taken away,” said Coos County resident Rob Taylor. Taylor told KEZI 9 News that he helped draft and campaign for the measure. He said the measure was designed to counter Oregon’s Red Flag Law, which allows the courts to take guns away from people who may want to hurt themselves or others. “People may be afraid of someone who lives with them,” said Taylor. “But that doesn’t justify the fact that people have the right to have their day in court.” However, the proposed measure would apply to count officials and not city governments or police departments, which could still choose to enforce gun control restrictions. Also, gun control restrictions would also continue to be in place for convicted felons, even if the measure passes.  [full article]

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