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OR – RETAILERS – Gun sales surge in Oregon amid pandemic, election (VIDEOS)

In 2020, a growing number of Oregonians are buying guns and applying for permits to carry them outside of their homes. Gun advocates said that shows people are taking advantage of the second amendment. However, others worry that more people on the streets with guns may make people more unsafe. Whatever the reason, tens of thousands of more Oregonians are buying guns this year compared to last. The state police have done over 400,000 background checks in 2020. Kevin Dahl said the trend is clear inside his store in Salem, as we spoke to him on what proved to be another busy day at Tick Licker Firearms. “I don’t think anyone was prepared for what 2020 had to bring. People just want to feel safe, be protected, and firearms are a great tool for that as long as they can go out, get the safety training they need, and be educated,” said Dahl. The empty ammo shelves and stacks of guns waiting on background checks are proof of that. Dahl said they have regulars who come, buy the newest stuff — and they are also seeing a lot of first-time buyers. They’ve also seen an increase in sales for hunting rifles, as more people turn to outside activities during the pandemic.  “We have seen an influx in all customers,” Dahl said. Statewide, background checks for gun sales are surging. This year, the Oregon State Police have completed 400,831 background checks through November, according to the state website. That compares to 309,674 checks in all of 2020. The checks are up 32% in Multnomah County, from 24,805 in 2019 to 32,758 in 2020. In Washington County, the checks are up 28% from 47,188 checks in 2019 to 60,201 in 2020. In Clackamas County, background checks are up 42%, from 28,304 in 2019 to 40,059 in 2020.  [full article]

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