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PA – GUN CONTROL –  Disappointed with inaction, Philadelphians urge mayor to implement gun violence legislation

While some members of the Philadelphia community have remained optimistic that Mayor Jim Kenney will fulfill his recent commitment to address the city’s gun violence crisis, one activist is back on a hunger strike, claiming Kenney has not lived up to his promises.

After completing a 26-day hunger strike outside of City Hall, which he undertook with the hope of motivating Kenney to address Resolution No. 200447, 63-year-old veteran and activist Jamal Johnson has started another hunger strike, alleging inaction on behalf of the City of Philadelphia. The resolution, which was introduced by Councilmember and Penn alumna Jamie Gauthier on Sept. 10, 2020, namely calls on Kenney to declare a city-wide emergency on gun violence and implement specific measures such as the Roadmap to Safer Communities, a five-year plan to address gun violence, and the creation of an intervention program for youth involved in or near gun violence.  [full article]

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