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PA – GUN POLITICS – In a Strange Move, Joe Biden’s Social Media Intern Tweets About Gun Control

In the current environment, gun control legislation is probably an issue, but not for the reason Joe Biden’s campaign thinks. Following new riots in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the attempted execution of two police officers, the intern for Joe Biden tweeted: Weapons of war have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. The most generous interpretation of this tweet is that gun control would have prevented the attempted assassination of two police officers in Los Angeles. For anyone who knows something about guns, this is a significant category error. The perpetrator used a handgun, and it was not apparent in the video that he had a high capacity magazine. Meanwhile, riots erupted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, over a police-involved shooting. Lancaster is a city of a little over 59,000 residents that has a large Amish community in the county surrounding it. The city is quite diverse, and the city council reflects this diversity. Here is a statement from the city government’s home page: The Lancaster Police Department quickly released footage from the officer’s body camera in a very transparent move. The man who was shot, Ricardo Munoz, exited a residence and began sprinting towards a responding officer holding a knife over his head. It failed to stop the looting and property damage. There was looting, attempted arson, and lots of broken windows. At one point, journalist Elijah Schaffer had to stop documenting the story, because there were no police officers present: looting has started in Lancaster at Villa athletic store approximately 1 hour 50 minutes ago according to the shop owner Groups of rioters are roaming the city breaking windows and stealing merchandise It was too dangerous to follow them since there are no police.  [full article]

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