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PA – GUN POLITICS – NRA enters 2020 campaign early, Virginia gun ban push the ‘biggest wake-up call’ (VIDEO)

The 2020 general election is still months off, but at every Friends of the NRA event that First Vice President Charles Cotton attends around the country, members are rushing up to him to urge that the National Rifle Association get involved early. “We’re hearing it now,” he told me at the NRA-sponsored Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Cotton said members are “always” coming up to him to ask, “Are you guys on top of this? We want to help.” “That’s what we’re constantly hearing,” he said. With liberal, anti-gun Democrats taking the top spots in presidential polls, fans of the Second Amendment are getting the jitters early. They recognize that President Trump won by a hair over Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016 when she advocated a new “assault weapons ban.” And they are fearful that if the NRA doesn’t wake up gun owners, complacency will take over as it did in the 2019 Virginia state elections that delivered the General Assembly to Democrats who immediately OK’d gun control laws. “Every time we have a pro-gun president, it’s easy to think, OK, there’s nothing to worry about,” said Cotton. But the Virginia vote “has been the biggest wake-up call for the whole country that I’ve ever seen,” he added, laying out the NRA’s 2020 agenda. Not only have state liberals pushed through several gun control efforts, but on Friday they are taking up a ban on “assault weapons” and large magazines that even some Democrats oppose. The ban’s sponsor, Democratic Virginia Del. Mark Levine, has been criticized for being ignorant on guns and how they work, claiming the difference between hunting and sporting guns is how “you hold them.” The video is above.  [full article]

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