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PA – GUN RIGHTS – Pa. gun rights supporters rally around right to bear arms at annual Capitol event

A group of Pennsylvania gun rights supporters argue state lawmakers should ensure the right to bear arms is well-protected. A number of speakers made that point to around 200 people who were gathered on the Capitol steps Tuesday. In past years, more than 1,000 people have shown up to the annual rally. This year, it had to be rescheduled because organizers received a threat. Speakers talked about self-defense, law and order, and upholding the 2nd Amendment against “socialists.” “Without your Second Amendment, you don’t have your other rights. You have what you have in China,” State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R, Butler County) said. Several speakers criticized Gov. Tom Wolf’s restrictions against firearm sales in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Those have since been relaxed after several Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices urged the Wolf administration to do so. As attendees spoke, supporters waved pro-gun flags and signs. Many brought their handguns or rifles to the event. One of those people was Walter Gibson, a man in his 40s who lives outside Pittsburgh. He carried a long-barrel pistol, which resembled a rifle, that he made himself. Gibson, who has appeared at a number of events advocating for Open Carry across the commonwealth, said he has a right to do so. “I feel safe because I’m carrying. What other people do is their concern,” he said. Gibson was among a few gun owners of color who gathered at the Capitol steps. “I’m here specifically to represent African American gun owners because I think that we are an under-represented group,” Gibson said. “People assume that black people are anti-gun, and I want to be here to share that that is not the case.”  [full article]

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