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PA – GUN SAFETY – Gun lobby takes aim at the safety of PA residents

Feeling safe is a basic human need, a need that is second only to physiological needs like food and shelter. Living a quality life requires that we feel safe on all levels: personal, domestic, national and global. For that reason, the Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition (BCWAC) and our partner nonprofit organizations find it frightening that two bills in Harrisburg would make all of us less safe. HB 1747 and HB 2440 are quickly moving through the state House and now the Senate. Both bills have the potential to increase violence in our neighborhoods and put the lives of law enforcement and our families at risk.  HB 1747 allows weapons to be openly carried during declared states of emergency, so individuals can brandish a loaded weapon lawfully — no questions asked — during these situations. It also prevents the governor from issuing rules that limit the number of guns being sold during these emergencies. If passed into law, HB 1747 would make it impossible for law enforcement to discern who is allowed to have (and not allowed to have) firearms as they work to de-escalate tense situations. As Allegheny County Sheriff Bill Mullin recently told a Pittsburgh television station, “People openly carrying weapons in volatile situations can make the job of policing harder by giving officers one more person to worry about.” Referencing the Kenosha, Wisconsin tragedies and the rise of gun brandishing at protests across the county, the sheriff asked, “How do you tell the difference between a person not authorized to carry a firearm and an honest citizen who is walking down the street?”  [full article]

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