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PA – GUN SAFETY – Local Law Enforcement Prepares For Possible Armed Protest Ahead Of Inauguration Day (VIDEO)

As the FBI warns of calls for armed protests by right-wing extremists in all 50 states and D.C., city and county police say they’re preparing for any potential action in Pittsburgh. With the nation still reeling from the ransacking of the Capitol Building, law enforcement across the nation and specifically here in Pittsburgh are preparing for a possible round two — a secondary attack on the final Sunday of the Trump presidency.  This comes after the tracking of chatter on the dark web and mainstream social media sites, calling for extremist right-wing actions across the country, including a call to arms reported in The Washington Post: “REFUSE TO BE SILENCED,” “ARMED MARCH ON CAPITOL HILL & ALL STATE CAPITOLS,” “common folk who are tired of being tread upon,” and “we were warned!” The Post cites as its source the data analysis group Alethea, which also found posts about an armed action here in Pittsburgh, which were accompanied by a picture of an ammunition stockpile. Alethea, which did not reply to KDKA’s emails, also reports calls for recruits from an armed militia in Kentucky since the post says “diplomatic efforts have been exhausted.”  [full article]

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