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PA – GUN SAFETY – Man Shoots Himself in the Leg at Victoria’s Secret Store, Flees With Woman

NEWSWEEK – March 1, 2021 – Detectives in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, are searching for a man who they say accidentally shot himself in the leg at a Victoria’s Secret store inside the King of Prussia Mall in the Upper Merrion Township.

Upper Merion Township police were notified of the shooting inside the store on the lower level of the shopping mall at around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Law enforcement were told a man had accidentally shot himself and that he was last seen running out of the lingerie and beauty retail store with a woman. At the scene, officers spotted a trail of blood from the mall leading to the parking lot.

he store’s surveillance footage showed that the man appeared to have a gun in his hand, inside his jacket pocket, when it suddenly went off and shot him in the leg, police said. Officers ruled it was an accidental shooting.

Police said that after the man and woman fled the mall, they left the scene a silver Dodge minivan, with a front driver’s side fender having a different colour. No other injuries were reported.  [full article]

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