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PA – LE – Philadelphia Law Enforcement “Lost” Over 200 Firearms

As Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney pushes for more gun control, news breaks that the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office can’t account for over 200 firearms that were supposed to be in the agency’s possession. Acting on a confidential complaint, the Philadelphia City Controller, Rebecca Rhynhart, launched an investigation into firearms potentially missing from the Sheriff’s department.

In her report to current Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, Rhynhart wrote: “In response to a complaint my office received alleging that 15 rifles and shotguns had been missing from the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory since 2016, the Office of the City Controller opened an investigation into all firearms under the purview of the Sheriff’s Office. … The investigation found that 101 service firearms and 109 PFA weapons are missing from the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory. Additionally, the investigation identified several issues with the overall management of the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory, many of which stem from a lack of detailed, written policies and procedures.” (PFA weapons are those, including firearms, that are temporarily relinquished by individuals who are subject to court orders in accordance with the Pennsylvania Protection from Abuse Act.) In a press conference announcing her findings, Rhynhart noted: “Our investigation did find evidence of, of trading at gun shops with City Sheriff Office guns. Very, very problematic.”  [full article]

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