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PA – SELF-PROTECTION – Allegheny County Temporarily Opening Concealed Weapon Permits To Gun Owners Without Appointments

Gun owners stood in long lines outside the Allegheny County Courthouse on Friday, looking to gain permits to carry concealed weapons. Online appointment slots for conceal to carry permits are booked into March of 2021 in Allegheny County. Amid the high demand, Sheriff William Mullen decided to open up permits for owners without appointments for two weeks.

“We had just recently purchased guns for shooting at a range, and we wanted to get the permit with the election and everything going on next Tuesday and some concerns related to Second Amendment rights,” Steven Stam of the North Side said. “We wanted to come down and try to do that today.” Sheriff Mullen said depending on the demand and his office’s capacity, the no-appointment period could be extended beyond next week.  [full article]

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