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PA – SHOOTING SPORTS – Pennsylvania’s wild bunch spend weekends shooting guns in Cowboy garb

Something’s a bit off about Tom Payne, a rancher who laid down his badge to reap the easy life out West. He’s got the look down — leather boots, chaps, even the old, reliable Winchester rifle — but when Payne speaks, he sounds a lot more like Tom Colaluca, a guy who’s barely a hundred miles west of the Bronx. Turns out this cowboy had rustled up some Yankees game the night before, too. “This [Giancarlo] Stanton guy, I think it he was just a flash in the pan when he was in Miami, you know what I mean?” Colaluca, 67, said of the injured Yankees slugger. “This guy’s made out of balsa wood.” Tom Payne is Colaluca’s alias in the Single Action Shooting Society, an international league of sharpshooters who compete against one another with shotguns, rifles and pistols, all while dressed in period Western wear. On this Saturday morning at the Matamoras Rod & Gun Club here in Pike County, gunshots were pinging off metal as shooters moved from one station to another as fast as they could. There were cacti cutouts and vultures and a guy named “Loose Change” whose laugh was about as loud as the shotguns.  [full article]

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