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PA – TRAINING – ‘Shooting people is deescalation’: Three days with teachers training to use guns in schools

Andrew Blubagh is kneeling on the ground holding a handgun flat on his knee, its barrel pointed at the dirt berm that surrounds the firing range. Angie, a petite woman in her 40s, is beside him, her index finger wrapped around the trigger, his wrapped around hers. He wants Angie to feel how much force it takes to fire the weapon. He wants her to be prepared. “You bring the gun up. Somebody comes around the corner. They’ve got something in their hand,” he says. “You bring the sights up to your line of sight.” Blubagh, a police officer and firearms instructor, pulls Angie’s finger to the trigger’s point of resistance — the pressure wall. “You give them verbal commands,” he continues. “You see it’s a knife, he brings it up. You fire a shot.” Smoke rises from the barrel in the flat hot sunshine of the range, the scent of gunpowder and manure in the air. “Fire another shot, he’s not going down. Fire another shot,” Blubagh presses Angie’s finger into the trigger, discharging bullet after bullet into the dirt. “He is still moving, reaching for the knife again. You align the sights onto the head. You fire off another shot. Bam!” He pulls the trigger once more. “He is dead.” “Pressure wall,” “line of sight,” the feeling of a trigger giving way under her finger, the kick of the gun recoiling against her palm — all of these are new to Angie. In running shoes and tasteful earrings, dirty-blonde hair pulled up under a ballcap, she’s an eager student.  [full article]

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