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Pheasant Hunting VIDEOS

Utah Youth Pheasant Hunt, 2:53 min.

The 2019 Youth Pheasant Hunt was an opportunity to get kids into the fields to shoot some birds. We had a blast with a young man and woman who got to hunt before the pheasant season opens in Utah.

Kelly Family Pheasant Hunt, 2:17 min.

The Kelly Family went to Cherry Bend Pheasant farm for a very successful hunt bagging 16 birds (10 Pheasant and 6 Chukar).

A South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Adventure, 2:21 min.

We catch up with Matt Morlock on his in-law’s family farm and meet the Guston’s, a family who has been hunting this property for over twenty years.

Outdoors with Lauren: Pheasant Hunt for Women, 3:51 min.

Move over, guys. The girls want a chance to show you how it’s done.

Young pheasant hunter goes nuts, 0:39 min.

This young hunter nearly freaks out at his first pheasant hunt. The Let’s Go Outdoors crew was on hand at this well-attended annual event.

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