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Pigeon Hunting VIDEOS

The Pigeon Hunt  1:42 min.

Pigeon hunting helps out local farmers, and gets you ready for fall bird seasons. And yeah, you CAN eat pigeon.

Pigeon Hunting – Busting Sky Rats!  2:03 min.

Pigeon hunting is growing in popularity throughout the country. Follow members of Bullets and Broadheads as they venture out on a pigeon hunt of their own!

Fowl Family – “Barn Ducks” Pigeon Hunting  3:00 min.

Fowl Family’s Joe Heintz takes to the “off season’ by decoying and killing large amounts of pigeons with some buddies!

Slow Motion Airgun Pigeon Hunting  1:47 min.

All these shots were taken around a farm yard. Both Wood Pigeons and ferals (not to be confused with rock doves) are around in huge numbers destroying the crops and stealing animal food, so I’m out to control their numbers – while getting a free meal at the same time of course.

Shooting 200 Pigeons!!! Kansas Pigeon Hunting  14:06

I decided to change it up from goose hunting and try to kill some pigeons. This was my first time ever hunting pigeons and I am addicted! I have never had so much fun while hunting in my life!

Wood pigeon Hunting. Roost Shoot. Just one bird!  2:35 min.

Wood Pigeon Roost shoot March 2014. William Powell Perseus over and under 12g. Lyavale Express Pigeon Special.

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