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Pigs & Prairie Dog Hunting VIDEOS

Prairie Dog Hunt,  2:03 min.

A controversial prairie dog hunt was so successful that another hunt will happen again.

Spring Hog Hunting,  2:39 min.

West Texas Legacy Hunts, Freak Nasty Hog Kill, Ozona Texas, Crockett County, Ward Ranch

The Best 3-Rifle Arsenal For DIY Prairie Dog Hunting,  2:29 min

Make the most of your next dog town adventure with this proven three-gun arsenal that considers short- to extreme long-range hunting and everything in between, while dealing with the heat and giving you the ability to stay on target and cut through the ever-present winds of the western plains.

Wild Hog v 308., 2:31 min.

At 37 metres this pig didn’t stand much of a chance. These are the times I need to carry my Bow.

Prairie Dog Shooting Safari,  2:32 min.

Predator Xtreme writer Mark Kayser says late spring and early summer are prime Prairie Dog hunting times.

Trophy Hog Hunting in South Carolina,  3:13 min.

Heart Pounding experience for any hunter, but this 10 year old girl from PA gets a case of buck fever like no other.

Pigman Blasting Prairie Dogs, 3:22 min.

Prairie Dogs are a huge nuisance, tearing up pastures and leading to many livestock injuries. But Pigman is here to save the day and help a rancher out. One Prairie Dog at a time.

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