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Prairie Dog Hunting VIDEOS

Flying Prairie Dogs | AR-15 Varmint Hunt 2:10 min.

Flying prairie dogs in North Dakota. Join expert marksmen as they zero in on prairie dogs in order to help manage the population.

Prairie Dog Hunting Management HD: Dogs go boom! 5:34 min.

Prairie Dogs: America’s Meerkats – Ecology 8:13 min.

This program discusses the relationships between the five species of prairie dogs (Black-tailed prairie dogs, Mexican prairie dogs, Gunnison’s prairie dogs, White-tailed prairie dogs and Utah prairie dogs) and their endangered North American prairie grassland ecosystems. A number of prairie animals are at risk of extinction (as well as prairie dogs themselves) because prairie dog numbers are so low. Five animals that are dependent on prairie dogs and are at highest risk are Black-Footed Ferrets, Swift Foxes, Mountain Plovers, Burrowing Owls and Ferruginous Hawks.

Prairie Dog Snake Alarm | American Serengeti 3:47 min.

It’s springtime on the prairie, and the prairie dogs emerge in the morning chill to find an intruder in their midst.

Prairie Dog Emergency Alert System 2:06 min.

Prairie dogs in Grand Canyon National Park exhibit an interesting behavior after a kit fox kills one of their own.

Black-footed Ferret vs. Prairie Dog 3:27 min.

Award winning footage with Travis Livieri from Prairie Wildlife Research and Patrick McMillan from Clemson University. Expeditions brings you the first ever broadcast footage of a Black-footed ferret interacting with a prairie dog in daylight. Check it out…it’s prey versus predator as this prairie dog defends himself in the early daylight hours.

Prairie Dog Hunting Management 5 HD: Hunters Gaze 8:21 min.

Cinematic HD and slow motion prairie dog hunting. Experimenting with some camera angles.

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