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Pre-Season Scouting VIDEOS

Scouting & Locating Deer for the Hunt,  1:23 min.

Learn how to scout for locations and locate deer from a hunting expert.

Five Proven Strategies for Hunting Trophy Mule Deer,  1:48 min.

Trophy mule deer bucks are tougher to take than most hunters expect. The steps to a successful hunt include: patterning daily habits, glassing and stalking, approaching from above, watching escape routes, and preparing for long shots.

4 Primary Keys to Scouting for Whitetails,  2:57 min.

Scouting new land for deer hunting can seem daunting at first, so focusing on these four elements will quickly help your efforts to find more deer. In the product of the day we check out a reliable new trail camera to boost your scouting efforts.

How to Scout a New Hunting Property,  2:08 min.

There is a wrong way and a right way to scout. This especially true when we are just months or even weeks out from deer hunting season. The key during this late summer period is minimal disturbance.

Summer Turkey Scouting Tips For Public Land,  2:28 min.

Hunting season is just around the corner which means that you should already be scouting by now or at least, planning to start soon.

Dove Scouting,  1:44 min.

Dove season is right around the corner. Be sure to scout before the hunt to achieve better hunting results.

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