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Predator Hunting VIDEOS

Coyote predators | Natural World, 2:27 min

Prairie dogs respond in strange ways when one of their number becomes prey to a coyote, as Rob Brydon finds out in another clip from the offbeat documentary from the Natural World team.

Prairie Dog Shoot .22 Hornet, 3:56 min.

Not for children under age 50.

A Really Big Jackrabbit! 1:58 min.

A day in Homolovi State Park Arizona

Jackrabbits! 1:07 min.

During a hunt at Warne Ranch in Pierre, South Dakota. Team Outdoorsmen Adventures ran into a herd of Jackrabbits while hunting pheasant along a tree line. Unbelievable.

Eastern Coyote Hunting in Upstate New York, 3:36 min.

A Remington 22.250 was used to bag this coyote in eastern New York state.

Night Vision Predator Hunting with High Tech Red Neck, 2:09 min.

A pre-release clip of one of the hunts on our High Tech Red Necks Night Vision Predators III DVD.

Badger and coyote: Animal pair team up as rare interspecies hunting duo in Colorado, 2:39 min.

Out in the prairie lands near the National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center, a tandem of typically fierce competitors have entered the running for nature’s animal odd couple of the year. Photographs of a wild coyote and a North American badger have been taken over the course of the past month and released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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