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Primitive Bowhunting: Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Bows and Arrows, By Dr. Ed Ashby

JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN HUNTING.COM From the Archives –  I recently had the opportunity to examine some bows and arrows used by the tribal hunters of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in great detail. There were two equipment sets: one reflecting the equipment in contemporary use, the other from the pre-WWII era. The earlier equipment is distinctly different from that in use today. Examination of these two sets of equipment, separated by a half century of change, reveals many interesting features. Though they may not necessarily reflect changes throughout PNG, they clearly do for one region. Increased contact with the outside world has brought many changes to tribal life in PNG, but most rural natives still subsist primarily as hunter-gathers. PNG has numerous species of game. Those most commonly subsistence-hunted in the Tonda/Bula Plains region, where these bows originate, are Rusa deer, pigs and crocodiles, along with various kinds of small game and fish.  [full article]

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