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Protection in the Sanctuary

Is a National 2A Movement in the process of being born?

Bob Rogers

Editor’s Note: On January 20, an expected crowd of thousands are expected to fill the steps of the State Capitol. That date is when the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League (VCDL) normally holds their Lobby Day.  This year, however, citizen militia groups from around the country may join to protest the state’s newly elected Democratic majority leadership from passing emergency gun control legislation and/or to invalidate more than 80 declared of the state’s 90 counties as constitutional (think guns) sanctuaries (See today’s Top Story). Attendees are asked not to carry long guns at the protest. The related following commentary was first published in GunProPlus on December 13, 2019:

The growing – and sometimes groping – sanctuary movement has broken ground across the fruited plain. In state after state, gun owners tired of the continued onslaught of the growing gun violence crowd (they’ve said  “gun violence” so much that as new groups emerge you can’t tell who’s new without a program) have retreated from the gun controllers’ media slaves and their associated blue wave anti-gun legislatures by seeking freedom sanctuaries in state after state.

Virginia, it turns out, is not just the latest state where gun owners are taking the bull by its horns and formed mostly rural area 2A Sanctuaries. While some might see that as a run-and-hide-closet to protect oneself from the gun control onslaught, another thought emerges: Why not let the Old Dominion lead the charge by enlisting a state-by-state “army” of 2A sanctuary supporters in every state. Gun owners in each state have an opportunity to even out-man the 5 million membership of the NRA. That, in itself, would remind lawmakers at all levels in each state and federal electable seat just how many voters are in possession of those 400 million guns in America.

The Sanctuary Movement, so-called, is a non-binding rule making effort attempting to protect gun rights, or more specifically, thwart new gun control legislation.  It involves some county residents and supervisors to defy some state and/or federal gun control laws. It’s most recent non-gun use was in 2013 which would allow immigrants specifically in the city of San Francisco protection from arrest and/or prosecution of a crime.

The effort, first used by that city in 1989 relied on the Dillion Rule to justify the city as a safe harbor for non-American citizens caught up in criminal activity to which they were unaware of a law-breaking potential. According to Wikipedia, Dillon’s Rule is derived from the two court decisions issued by Judge John F. Dillon of Iowa in 1868. It affirms the previously held, narrow interpretation of a local government’s authority, in which a substate government may engage in an activity only if it is specifically sanctioned by the state government.

Thus, that puts not just Virginia gun owners’ sanctuary program in jeopardy but those of several other states including Illinois, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Georgia and several more.

County sheriffs, for the most part in Washington state, among others, have declared that they have no intention of enforcing state laws in their own gun rights sanctuaries. Their reasoning is the oath they took to “uphold the Constitution of the United States of America from both foreign and domestic” threats.

That said, we’re suggesting that Virginia, a state with probably the most now declared gun rights sanctuary counties, take the lead in nationwide enlisting of some 340 million gun owners into a single voter force.  That would send a clear message to both state and federal lawmakers that any gun control legislation must pass muster with gun owning voters before offering willy-nilly gun control legislation to be passed into law. Then, and maybe only then, will law enforcers be able to concentrate on criminals and not law-abiding gun owners.

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