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Putting the Gun Control Shoe On The Other Foot

Bob Rogers

We love a good fight. One of the most amazing things that continues to confound non-Americans around the world is the notion of our country with a Democratic Republic form of government.  That means political power is engendered within a federalist system but with controls influenced by individual state governments. Such a dictum allowed the creation of a national constitution by which various freedoms are uniquely spelled out. Depending on your political persuasion, you might refer to America as a Constitutional Republic.  That’s okay with us.

Historically, the Bill of Rights to the Constitution properly begins with the First Amendment which, regardless of how one chooses to see it, is protected by the Second Amendment. That realization has forever led people the world over into a quandary which, for practical purposes somewhat related to firearms, contemporarily divides us into two groups, those who profess for gun rights and those who advocate for gun control; sort of a puzzlement to outsiders (and many insiders) as if one foot is encased on the right shoe while the other foot is engulfed on the left shoe.

To those ends capitalism has given us the right to spend what we earn on whatever we please. And so, to that end, Tom’s Shoes (nee TOMS) has chosen to pony up a cool five million to be distributed among the leading gun control group structure, some of which have led the good fight since John Hinckley Jr. tried to impress actress Jodie Foster by attempting to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.

As you’ll see somewhere in the news section above this epistle, TOMS, which established a pastoral reputation of making shoes for indigent children when Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas, was traveling through Argentina in 2006, the charitable brilliance of his actions dictated that for every pair of shoes (based on an Argentinian design) sold would beget, in equal number, shoes for bare-footed children…anywhere in the world we suppose. That kind gesture provided Mr. Mycoskie with the wherewithal with which he chooses to inflate the treasuries of Michael Bloomberg via dispassionate disbursements to – in order of preference we also suppose – BBGVPC (Black & Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium), Mr. Bloomberg’s Everytown, Faith in Action, Giffords, the faith-based Live Free consortium, the March For Our Lives student gun control movement, and the demanding Moms.

A visit to the TOMS website suggests that Mr. Mycoskie also has an affinity for veterans, students, mothers, preachers, blue and red, young and old…”Together We Stand.” But nothing specifically for law-abiding gun owners. Why, we wonder, doesn’t he also relegate some of his soles and heels to criminals? Oh, he does, matter-of-fact; part of the Live Free motto includes an end to mass criminalization.

Overall, Mr. Mycoskie’s heart appears to be in the right place except, perhaps, if you’re a proponent of self-protection, home defense, conservation hunting, law enforcement, or the use of military force against dictatorial adversaries. Yet, both the First and the Second Amendments to our Constitutional rights to freedom, faith, and independence is writ so that nine robed humans can and will decide at some point that the right to keep and bear arms is one of those guarantees that, with or without shoes to make the point, shall never be infringed upon. Dollars and cents notwithstanding.

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