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Raising the Anti-Gun Ceiling While Digging the Pro-Gun Bunker

Bob Rogers

Thursday, March 1, 2018 — Intrinsically, we all know that increasing the age to buy a gun – any gun – could, would, or should (your choice) be raised from 18 to 21. Similarly, the background check issue – universal or constrained to gun retailers – would not cause gun rights to come crashing down. Neither of these issues would be considered unconstitutional but merely regulatory.

That doesn’t stop gun controllers from continuously weighing in with frantic calls for emergency action. Nor will such actions thwart the manufacturing or retailing of selling guns. All it does is to scare politicians into believing that their constituents are ready to drop the hammer on the next voting cycle.

Politicians by their nature are cowards. They know when they’ve got a good thing going financially. They don’t leave their educationally invested careers to go to Washington or to various state legislatures because they’re dedicated to public service. They go there to reap the economic rewards that guarantee them a place at the disbursement table long after they’ve served their time.

For the gun controllers’ point of view getting rid of guns is getting rid of crime. Sure. And getting rid of rain will forever allow the avoidance of floods.

The motive for gun control is not to keep people safe from them, nor from those that criminally use them. Were that the case, they would posit for crime control instead. But that would involve opposing the legal system which, in far too many cases, releases criminals from incarceration far before their time while, concurrently, keeping innocents or suspected innocents behind bars. In other words, there’s no money nor compassion to be earned by becoming involved in the endless pursuit of adjudicated freedom except for those with law degrees.

Comparing American gun control to that of Australia, the UK or anywhere else is pure folly…or BS, if you prefer. Within all the aspects of religion, there is an allowance for self-defense, an item that can be found in any version of the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, the Hindu Vedas, the Buddists’ Sutra or any one of the other religious sacred books. All recognize in one form or other the need for self-protection from enemies and criminals.

America is different from the rest of the world because it has the protection of the Constitution and its Bill of Rights that allow all legal citizens of the country to bear and use arms for self-protection or in defense of freedom and liberty. Gun Controllers are of a different political and ideological ilk in that they believe in angel-like terms that a swarm of spirits chorusing through the heavenly hosts will supply all the protections we as humans will ever need.

The control nuts use their inept and credibility-lost propaganda media friends to exacerbate every criminal or seemingly errant use of a gun to not only earn for them money to finance themselves and their mission but to organize the unwitting and gun-ignorant populace on the dangers of guns. Growing an army of itinerant believers-of-the-faith is a fulltime enterprise and that’s where the money is buried.

Lastly, and when all else fails – as it ultimately will – engineering the downfall of “the gun lobby” – mainly the NRA – is part and parcel of the false narrative – gun powder, if you will – designed to blow up the gun rights opposition. While not exactly a fair fight – because cheaters never lie and liars never cheat – they use their weak-kneed media partners – who should know better but don’t – to bullhorn every march, parade or post-shooting hands-on-your-head single file runaway as evidence of the dangers of guns that lie within.

Never mind that the defense, in terms of uniformed cops or SWAT teams, are using similar weapons – ARs and AKs – to save them from the fires of third grade classrooms. What is painfully obvious to any and all is that the crowds, the polls and surveys and “studies” which all gun controllers like to lean on as “evidence,” are generally unscientific comparisons that presume to say that 1,000 or 2,000 people interviewed are comparable to one million or two million other people, a significant number of which are gun owners, is reality while all the rest are disposable even in context.

Rather, the goal is not to keep students from being killed; that’s too easy an effort to accomplish and would end the eternal giveaway of permanent funding. It is to exacerbate the fragility of kids in a schoolhouse on the scripting of a crazed gunman spouting evil in all its glorified wickedness. That sells tickets to the forums and townhalls and, eventually, fertilizes the bank account.

There are better solutions: ALICE programs (alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate) are active in many schools nationwide. Other programs, especially in rural environments – flyover country – have uniformed armed cops on campus while still others have finally engaged in armed teachers and school staff members.

Electronic doors, bulletproof windows, metal detectors – even barbed wire fortresses might be considered – are the first line of defense. Coupled with trained armed security – their numbers are like small armies – are available at little cost. Financing such operations, given all the dollars brought into school finance offices from ticket sales – of which, by the way, gives nothing to the performers – should be primary. One small midwest school spent $14,000 for a metal detector, added personnel to man the daily incoming student body, and spent another $30,000 for cameras and assorted plumage, brought the total to protect the student population to $44,000. That’s about what it cost CNN to put on that useless but otherwise hairy chest-pounding extravaganza following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

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