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Choosing Your Range Bag: Traditional or Backpack

Range bags and range backpacks are two styles of carrying gear for shooters. Range bags were traditionally used by most shooters, but recently the trend has been leaning towards using a backpack instead. While both provide storage and accessibility to your guns, they differ in key ways; namely how they carry them and what you can store with them. Let’s explore these differences further!

Ol’ Reliable: The Dedicated Range Bag

Traditional range bags are much more common than they once were. They’re also known as “range boxes” because, well, they carry your gear to the shooting range. Range bags come in all shapes and sizes based on how many guns you want to carry or what type of access you want (top loading vs front loading).

The traditional design features a dedicated compartment for each gun with slots to hold ammunition, magazines, ear protection, and other accessories like knives and cleaning supplies. This style is popular for people who shoot multiple types of firearms at one time since it can be customized to meet their needs. However, this same customization means that if you only shoot one type of firearm then there’s no need for a bag that’s so large it becomes unwieldy.

A larger dedicated range bag is the only option for people who want to carry many guns with them at all times or those that need several types of firearms and gear on hand. This type usually has a shoulder strap so you can wear it over your shoulder when walking to the shooting line. If you’re looking for something more mobile, you can opt for a backpack-style range bag.

Key Features:

– Traditional range bags offer lots of storage space for firearms, magazines, and accessories

– Dedicated compartments give you quick access to each gun

– Carry your bag over the shoulder or wear it as a backpack depending on size and style of range bag

New Kid on the Block: The Range Backpack

Range backpacks are a newer style of range bag that is becoming more popular. They provide storage and accessibility to your guns, but in different ways than traditional range bags. The main distinction is how they carry the firearms–instead of having individual compartments for each gun like with a dedicated range bag, you can store all your firearms in one compartment (typically at the bottom).

Gun range backpacks also typically have less storage space for accessories like ear protection, ammo, cleaning supplies, etc., though this varies by backpack model.

Tactical backpacks are ideal for shooters who need quick access to their firearms, but also want the option of carrying other equipment with them. You can use one large storage area or separate out your gear into different compartments depending on what you’re doing at the range that day. Shooting backpacks come in many styles and sizes–you can find ones that are large enough to carry everything you need for a full day of shooting, or smaller backpacks designed for short trips.

Key Features:

– More mobility than traditional range bags

– One large compartment for all firearms

– Less space for other tools or accessories

Which is Right for You – Range Bag or Backpack?

Gun Range Bags and backpacks are both great options, but they’re not the same. If you want a traditional option with lots of storage space and quick access to your firearms, range bags are the way to go. But if you need more mobility without sacrificing too much storage space or all of your guns in one place, then a backpack is likely what’s best for you.

The main thing to keep in mind with both options is how they carry each firearm–whether it be individually inside its own compartment or as part of a larger compartment at the bottom. Think about which will work better for your situation and needs and you’ll be set with whichever range bag style is best for you.

Think about which will be more functional and what your shooting needs are to choose the right range bag type for you! You can find the best options online today by taking a look at our designated articles on each.


Can I use a backpack as a range bag?

No. You can’t use a backpack as a traditional range bag. They might have the ability to carry guns, but because they are not divided up by firearm type, you would have no quick access to your guns in an emergency situation.

What is a range backpack?

A range backpack is a type of gun carrier. It consists of a tactical gun sling, two shoulder straps, and two removable back straps which provide stable load carrying and convenient weapon retrieval for hands-free equipment usage. A range bag or holster can be used to carry the rifle safely around at different locations.

What is a range bag?

Range bags are used to carry guns and equipment. These include target stands, targets, gloves, and other accessories needed during a shooting session. There is no single type of range bag style because there are so many different sizes and styles available.

What goes in a range bag?

A range bag can be used to carry a gun and other gear. This includes ear muffs, eye protection, targets, and accessories for your firearm. There is no set list of what should go in the range bag because it really depends on what you plan to use it for. But, if you’re looking to get a better idea, we have a useful list of the most common items that gun owners prefer to store in their range bags.