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Rattlesnake Standoff

OFF-ROAD OUTDOORS.COM From the Archives – It was early September, hot and Dove season in Northern Nevada, home of the Great Basin Rattler. During the season I often went for evening Dove hunts on the Hermann ranch in Dayton valley where I lived. Most of my hunts were uneventful, until one week when it all changed. Normally, I drove my F150 4×4 pickup out to different locations to hunt the evening flight. That Monday afternoon I decided to walk from the house to a location near a pond about a mile away. I arrived at my shooting spot under a tree in the sagebrush about 20 minutes early and had to go to the bathroom. I was under the tree and a foot or so from some tall sagebrush. I leaned my shotgun against the sagebrush to the left and as I was pulling my pants down, it appeared that something was moving near my left foot. As I focused on the movement through the brush, there it was… a snake tail with rattles attached, not six-inches from my foot. I froze in terror wondering where the head was. I was soon to find out!  [full article]

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