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Rattlesnake VIDEOS

Proof Rattlesnakes Don’t Want To Bite Unless Provoked,   2:32 min.

This just proves that Rattlesnakes are not out to harm us. They only bite as a last resort. Their venom is for hunting, it is valuable to them and they only use it when needed.

Animal Habitats : Where Do Rattlesnakes Live?  2:10 min.

Rattlesnakes are most commonly found living in the central and southern parts of the United States where climates are warmer. Look for rattle snakes hiding under rocks and bushes with tips from a science teacher.

Drone vs Rattlesnake Den,  4:57 min.

DJI Phantom 4 flown up to rattlesnake den in Montana. I recommend ordering straight from DJI! Best and safest way to view snakes!

Rattlesnake Bowkill, 1:47 min.

A Western Diamondback Rattlesnake gets violently SLAMMED. If this sounds offensive, don’t watch it. And yes, I ate the snake.

Rattlesnake Roundup,  2:53 min.

Snake hunters gather in Sweetwater, Texas every year for what is billed as the largest rattlesnake roundup in the world.


Rattlesnakes in the Den of Death,  5:24 min.

The Okeene Rattlesnake Roundup is the oldest rattlesnake hunt in the nation. Since 1939, the people of Okeene have been conducting a memorable show for curious crowds who come to see the snakes up close, and personal.

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