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Rattling for Deer VIDEOS

Antler Rattling Tips Based on Deer Research, 2:39 min.

The weeks leading up to the whitetail rut is the best time to rattle! By practicing QDM and protecting yearling bucks, you get higher response rates from adult bucks when you rattle or use grunt calls. These rattling tips, based on deer research, will also increase your success.

Rattling for Whitetail Deer…………Burn The Antlers, 1:19 min.

Wade Middleton explains his techniques for rattling and what it means to make the antlers burn.

Hunting with Deer Decoys, 2:53 min.

Deer decoys can be very effective during the rut, but which type should you use when hunting pressured whitetails … buck or doe decoy? John Eberhart has both and shows us which ones he uses and why.

Rattling In Some Rutting Bucks, 3:45 min.

EOTR staff member, Jeff, rattles in two nice bucks after a very short rattle sequence. Watch the exciting footage as he makes the decision to pass of these lucky bucks for another year.

Rattling in 206″ Iowa Whitetail, 5:36 min.

Gabe Adair of Whitetail Properties is hunting in Iowa when he rattles in a buck of a lifetime!

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