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Ready, Aim and Fire: Dove Season Almost Here

Springfield News-Leader From the Archives – Lately, with the temperatures in the 90s, it’s hard to think about hunting seasons, but the 2018 dove season will start in less than a few weeks. The 2018 teal season is scheduled to open on Sept. 8 for a 16-day run, and by then the dove season will have been open for a week. Of course, the frog and squirrel seasons are now open, but the big seasons lie ahead starting on Sept. 1 with dove, rail and snipe. Seasons seem to come and go much faster than they used to. I guess age has something to do with it. Several area farmers have told me that they have been seeing plenty of doves by the roadsides and that if the season opened today it shouldn’t take long to get a limit of 15 birds. It seems that every August there are plenty of doves around but just before the season opens, they disappear. Judging by the number of doves around today, it should be another good hunting season for them. The dove season that opens on Sept. 1 will run through Nov. 29 with a daily limit of 15 birds and possession limit of 45.  [full article]

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