Rejoicing Over the CCRA May Have To Be Put On Hold

Bob Rogers

Tuesday, December 05, 2017 – Nothing’s easy. Especially in politics. More-so in gun politics. The NRA is obviously no novice when it comes to developing political strategies with pro-gun congress members. The group, which national headlines are screaming that passage of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act is the NRA’s highest priority, anticipated massive opposition from the gun control crowd. Just like Democrats versus Republicans cat-fighting over any piece of proposed legislation, passage requires battle-like strategy. The silent message is “If you lose, don’t despair. You’ll live to fight another day.” No one in the gun debate drops their guard for long.  What seems like a no-brainer may end up like a no-no-brainer. The CCRA is due to come up for a House vote tomorrow.  It’s likely to pass. High fives all around. Um, maybe not. The House has a strong pro-gun Republican majority.  Not so with the Senate which is where the gun control Democrats will make their stand. Their last stand, we hope. But don’t be so sure.

As with anyone proposing controversial legislation, cagey sponsors long ago plotted how to push something controversial through Congress. It’s done not so un-transparently by inserting something one side likes into something the other side doesn’t. The much-heralded FixNICS plan which would enhance firearms background checks to keep felons and other evil planners like the Sutherland, Texas, church shooter from buying a gun had Dems scattering rose petals across the middle aisles of Congressional lawmaking. After all, the NRA is supporting it as is the National Shooting Sports Foundation, right along with some of the most rabid liberal Dems like Senators Dianne Feinstein and Chris Murphy and the usual anti-gun hangers-on. Big win for all? Ha.

Texas Senator John Cornyn and Connecticut Senator Murphy introduced their FixNICs bill mere days ago to the gun prevention crowd.  Looking like an easy win for all sides, the CCRA isn’t. So the NRA huddled with Republicans to include FixNICS in House Rep. Richard Hudson’s (R-SC) CCRA bill. That set off a howl among Democrats that would make Yellowstone’s hungry wolf packs’ screaming to the clouds sound like a call to an elk dinner. Words like “traitors” and “backstabbers” are surfacing today as word about the NRA’s strategy leaked out. The House bill will likely pass, at least in some form, but when it gets to the Senate, all the Murphycrats and Feinsteiners will be ready to shoot CCRA down. But what Senate opposition does is to allow the NRA and CCRA supporters to gauge individual Senate votes in advance of next year’s reelection campaigns to determine who is vulnerable.

Obviously, the Senate version needs more Republicans in that chamber. Even Roy Moore won’t be enough. But, with mid-term elections on the 2018 horizon, expect CCRA to thirst for new life, less Democrats in the Senate and a bigger Republican majority, enough to not only halt a filibuster but to help CCRA sail through the discontented waters of Washington in 2019.

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