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Republicans Caving on Kavanaugh? The Gun Issue

Bob Rogers

Friday, September 21, 2018 – As reluctant as we may be in addressing the politics of fear – according to Bob Woodward’s analysis of President Trump’s method of governing – writer Frank Miniter has landed on Fox News with a single mission headline:
America needs Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – Here’s why.

Allowing that Miniter, being one of “us” in the gun writing game, has to accommodate a largely broad-based politically conservative readership on Fox, the first half of his editorial is conceived around the current circus over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court while straddling the muddy slop of Senate Democrat’s tactics to derail the conclusion of hearings before October 1st when the next SCOTUS convenes.

The second half of Miniter’s Fox News piece removes the camouflage and gets down to the really serious core of the Congressional Left’s opposition to Kavanaugh, GUNS: “But to understand the central reason that Democrats have been fighting the Kavanaugh nomination even before they ever heard of (Christine Blasey) Ford, look at his positon on the Constitution and how it differs from the position of many liberal Democrats.” Miniter then gets into the scrub of the Second Amendment, “modern sporting rifles” (MSRs), and Di-Feinstein’s insistence that those guns defy Antonin Scalia’s definition that they are entitled to the “in common use” definition. You can read his complete editorial here.

All denials aside, the “common use” caveat is the rock-solid foundation of the American gun culture. The Dems want to refer back to muskets as the only guns in common use at that time in early American history and, they insist, the phrase is outdated and thus insensitive to their concept of a contemporary no-guns civilization. That’s political bovine manure, of course. The bottom line is this: The Republican controlled Senate Judiciary Committee needs to quit this phony Democrat charade. If Ms. Ford doesn’t show on Monday – therefore allowing the Democrat committee members to move the goal posts to the end of the week – too late for a committee confirmation vote on Kavanaugh – Referee Charles Grassley should just call “game over,” clear the room, and vote.

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