Respect Is More Than Just A Word

Steve Comus

April 1, 2017 — What is a major difference between the gun culture and anti-gun forces? Respect. Respect is a keystone in the gun culture. Lack of respect characterizes enemies of freedom who would deny their fellow citizens the rights that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

It is more than simply a lack of respect for the foundation of this nation. It is more than lack of respect for pro-gun interests. It is a defiant attack on anyone, anything and everything that goes against their self-initiated dictatorial dogma.

Anti-gunners don’t respect themselves because they lack the decency that respect requires. As a result they are incapable of respecting anything or anybody else, including the Constitution, fellow citizens – they respect nothing.

At the very least, propriety dictates that we respect the dearly departed. They’re not physically around to answer for themselves, so it behooves us to respect their memory and what their lives meant to the world. Certainly it is not too much to ask to honor their views.

This reality was driven home emphatically in New Mexico where the antis were attempting to get anti-gun measures enacted. It was carpet bagging at its worst where well-funded out-of-state interests invaded the Land of Enchantment in an effort to turn dreams into nightmares.

Anti-gun interests like Gabby Gifford’s Americans for Responsible Solutions and Michael Bloomberg, former New York Mayor and billionaire, shuffled a quarter-million dollars into New Mexico in what turned out to be a failed effort to get the state’s restrictive background check legislation (House Bill 50 and Senate Bill 48) passed.

The antis focused on slain Albuquerque Police Detective Dan Webster even though, according to his widow, Michelle Carlino-Webster, her husband would not have supported such a measure.

Simply put, the antis again showed via their serpentine tactics that they will stop at nothing to push their venomous anti-gun agenda, even if it means perverting the memory of a hero.

Mark Chesnut, editor of America’s 1st Freedom, while quoting an article Michelle Carlino-Webster wrote in the Albuquerque Journal, explained:

“The bill’s author, as well as her lead witness, both invoked the name of my late husband, Albuquerque Police Department officer Daniel Webster, to promote the measure,” Carlino-Webster wrote. “Along with the media, they continue to imply that had these proposed laws been in place, my husband’s death would have been prevented; in doing so, they actually remove accountability from the criminal who caused it.
“I am not okay with this, and I know Dan would not have wanted his name associated with this bill, either. He was against expanded background checks of any kind, and stood behind our Second Amendment rights with honor and appreciation.

“Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ recent visit to New Mexico to call for restrictive firearms legislation is further evidence that House Bill 50 and Senate Bill 48 are products of a national gun control agenda,” she wrote. “Her organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, joins the chorus of outside groups led by billionaire New Yorker Michael Bloomberg pushing for burdensome regulations on the sale and temporary loaning of your personal firearms, even to people close to you, such as friends, neighbors, co-workers and even some family members.

“These gun control bills do not represent Dan’s beliefs or New Mexico’s love of freedom and respect for our Constitution, which he defended on the streets of Albuquerque and as a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran,” she concluded. “This is not what he would have wanted for our state, because it would not make us any safer.”

Ultimately, the state legislature killed the proposed anti-gun effort, but not before the antis added insult to the profound loss of a real American hero.

But this should come as no surprise. After all, the term “anti” is, in and of itself, negative. True to their title, antis are not about building anything or improving anything. Rather, they are all about tearing things down and taking things away.

They don’t care what is good for others or the country. They only care about what is bad for the gun culture and those in it because they would rather take our rights away than allow any rights to anyone but themselves.

So what does that have to do with respect? Everything.

Successful societies need laws, but the truth is that successful societies rely much more heavily on mores` (moral imperatives) than laws, simply because there is no way to have laws to cover every single thing in any advanced society.

Mores` call for entire bodies of behavior that keep everyone in a society together on at least the many bedrock basics upon which that society is based.

When people, individually or collectively, do not respect those mores` or anyone who observes them, then they also do not respect the society itself.

I suggest that the antis not only lack respect for the mores` and laws of the land, but that they hold both in utter contempt. That’s why they view themselves as champions among those who would tear down both the culture and the society.

Concurrently, they have no effective vision about what the culture and society should be. Since they are, by definition, ANTI, they are singular in their opposition to everything rather than plural in their support of anything.

For the gun culture, there is a clear vision of how freedom involves individual rights and responsibilities as well as how the various segments are woven into a society that embraces the tenets of the Constitution.

As a result, the gun culture respects that society and those in it. Respect: with it, all is possible. Without it, there is nothing.

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