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Retriever Training VIDEOS

The Puppy Stage With Brookstone Kennels Performance Gundogs – Hunting Dog Training, 8:31 min.

Hunting dog training starts early and even if you’re dog is too young to retrieve, there’s still plenty of training you can do. At this stage, it’s about exploring and beginning to introduce concepts that will be used down the road.

Basic Training: Retrievers, 8:04 min.

SportDOG Brand® Sr. ProStaff Chris Akin explains retriever specific training styles and tips, and how to effectively progress to more advanced training techniques using the e-collar as a finishing tool.

Long Hollow Retrievers / Spring Training, 5:01 min.

Break-time from training lets over-eager dogs let off some pent-up steam. Eager as they are to work (train) more, a few minutes of freedom is useful.

Mossy Pond Retrievers – Training Duck Dogs, 8:40 min.

We specialize in training gun dogs, dogs interested in competing in AKC and UKC sanctioned hunt tests and field trials and the gentlemen’s gun dog, dogs that flush and retrieve.

Traveling With Your Retriever, 1:54 min.

Retriever trainer Mike Stewart explains how to keep your dog safe and healthy on the road.

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