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Rifle Scope Basics VIDEOS

Rifle Scope Basics – Glass Class 3:41 min.

Keith Warren is an icon in the outdoor television industry and a devoted conservationist. He has been producing and hosting television shows specifically geared to outdoorsmen for thirty years and has appeared on networks such as Outdoor Channel, VERSUS, ESPN, ESPN II, Sportsman’s Channel and Pursuit Channel.

Riflescope 101: Magnification 2:38 min.

In this video, learn the ins and outs of magnification and how it’s applied in the field. Gain a deeper understanding of one of the most fundamental concepts in optics, and get clarity on a few common misconceptions about magnification itself.

Choosing the Right Scope For Your Rifle 2:55 min.

A quick guide on how to choose the best scope for your rifle or AR-15, including a discussion on the different types and magnification.

Rifle Scope Parallax in Plain English 2:41 min.

A quick and practical explanation of parallax when using a rifle scope.

$20 Rifle Scope VS. $1,000 Rifle Scope – Worth It? 14:44 min.

Short answer to the title, YES! When it comes to rifle scopes and optics in general, you always get what you pay for and it’s worth spending the money on a quality product. In this video, I compare a BSA scope with my Tango4 to show just how different these optics are. I also show my Vortex Viper PST and Leupold Mark AR.  Also, take a look at some of the premier scopes like Nightforce, Schmidt and Bender, and the Razor HD Gen II.

Getting Started In Long Range Shooting – Leupold Optics Academy 14:52 min.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Most long range shooters are happy with bullseyes at 300-500 yards and 500 hundred even sounds extreme. But to see what long range shooting is really like, check out Going The Extra Mile feature in the January issue of Firepower, the GunProPlus Video Magazine and the shooter who just this past November set a world’s record for long distance shooting at 5,280 yards! That’s 3 Miles!!

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