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ROGERS: The Two Most Egregious Gun Haters Who Want To Be President (VIDEOS)

Bob Rogers

Monday, June 11, 2018 – All doubts, if there had been any, are now firmly erased. In the case of Kamala Harris, we were warned. As for Steve Kerr, coach of the dynasty-plagued Golden State Warriors, he has made his intentions clearly known to the media after nearly every mass shooting event in recent history: He wants to be a politician whose platform consists of two subjects, immigration and gun control. Harris has a history of gun control.  As California’s Attorney General, Harris co-chaired the committee to elect Barack Obama as president and called almost incessantly for programs to study gun violence and legislation to ban certain guns. When California Senator Barbara Boxer retired, Harris jumped in to fill the vacant senate seat in 2016.

Harris is a schooled politician; she knows what to say and how to say it to fit whatever audience to which she wants to direct her comments. Like most politicians, the rage flares inside but political realities require that they parse their words in terms that are less offensive to general audiences, thus they use the catch words and phrases like “common-sense,” “gun violence research,” “don’t want to take away your guns,” “ gun safety,” and “no one needs a high powered weapon to shoot a deer.” Here’s how she presents herself to a majority of liberals in the audience of a Senate hearing in which she questions an Acting Deputy FBI Director:

Note that in one instance she asks the witness, David Bowdich, about arming teachers in schools. Reluctant to take the bait, Director Bowdich explains that he’s not a legislator. Harris jumps in to then approach the subject as a “practical matter.” Bowdich (guess that maybe he’s a 2A advocate?) responds, “Like everybody else in the room, we’ve all got our personal thoughts on things, but I’m not here to represent me, I’m here representing the FBI.”

Kerr, on the other hand has shown his political creds through his continual comments on controlling guns and banning military-styled rifles. He has made it a point that, as media coverage of shootings hit the days’ top news, Kerr is there to comment on banning “weapons of war.” Easily gaining the attention of the media, Kerr prefers not to talk basketball – leaving that to the sports reporters – but takes advantage of every such opportunity to emphasize his hate for guns.

Kerr is very careful during press conferences where reporters hang on his every word. He tones down his rhetoric in an attempt to sound reasonable but using equally tiring scripted words and phrases that we’ve all heard before to get his point across, words like guns are :”a public safety issue,” “we saved lives by mandating seat belts in cars,” “politicians are controlled by the NRA and the gun lobby.” Here are two video samples of Kerr’s political passions: https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/video/steve-kerr-makes-powerful-speech-gun-violence and

We suggest that you read two news reports in today’s (June 11, 2018) coverage, one report each on both Harris and Kerr with videos. Should you miss those, you can find them in our Archives by searching for them by name, Kamala Harris and Steve Kerr.

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