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Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Mossberg, Others, Counterpunch the Gun Grabbers

Bob Rogers

Thursday, May 10, 2018 — What the Left wants is Gun Control. What the Right wants is Crime Control.  Why is that concept so difficult to imagine?  The continual push-back from either side of the gun debate is non-productive. Efforts to use political means to control guns suggests that the Left has absolutely no interest in controlling crime, aka, “gun violence.” The buzz-terms are explicit despite abject failure when given to the other-worldly electorate; the majority voters just can’t wrap their minds around the issue but only religiously cling to their media masters’ messages. In such appearances, ignorant laziness is next to godliness.

Much has been made this week in the reportage of the NY Times, WaPo, CNN, NBC – the usual suspects – about corporate shareholders “forcing” Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Vista, et al, to comply with investors demands to change their business methods. Those companies and the myriad others within the firearms industry do what they do best:  they manufacture guns and gun accessories and sell them to willing retailers who, in turn, sell them via BACKGROUND CHECKS to willing, law-abiding, consumers. Yes, there are always straw buyers with which to contend, but they are marginal because even the criminals know that method of acquiring guns illegally is narrowly non-productive. Instead, criminals break into gun stores, into automobiles, into homes, and steal legally-bought guns and sell them to other criminals. Again we ask: Why is that concept so difficult to imagine?

It is proof-positive to know fact from fiction, yet the Left prefers to ignore controlling crime to, instead, concentrate on controlling guns. That strategy is far too old ands stale to produce the desired results, assuming, of course, that the Left has any interest at all in curbing the killing of school children. That problem is reasonably solvable by use of a variety of security measures that are far less costly and far more protective than banning guns, hi-cap magazines, suppressors, hand grips, collapsible stocks and a myriad of other efforts to rid the Constitution of gun utopia.

The household names shown above in the headline of this epiphany are not about to change what they make or how they sell their products just to provide absolution to the congregation of fervorous lefties who continually pray to the gods of sanctions for the forgiveness of their own sins of ignorance about guns and other weapons of self-defense and sustenance. To the Dick’s of gun nation, there may be more profit in selling balls than having any, to which we say “all hail,” but don’t expect the gun world to fade anytime sooner than your own bottom line.

It is becoming axiomatic that the move to stop selling militarily influenced gun designs only allows those makers to also stop selling other – equally or more – profitable firearms products, eventually leaving only bats, gloves, clubs, bicycles and hockey pucks to be drooled over by the sporting collective. In essence, the message from the afflicted to the effected is just this: you don’t need us to survive and we will survive with or without you, ad infinitum.

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