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Run, Gun, and Shoot Videos

Run and shoot: Falling Plate targets, 6:52 min.

It’s the competition for only the fittest target shooters. They have to run 100 yards in the fastest time, then shoot a target as quickly as they can. Pirbright hosted one of the top international competitions, where Canada slugged it out with Oman. But it is target shooting anyeon can do. Meet the students who turn up, borrow a rifle and take part.

Team Sootch Run N Gun, 6:51 min.

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Team Sootch00 Run N Gun” in the Carolina Mountains. A Special thanks to Jason, John, and Ron. Major Cudos to Rick for being our gracious host and all around great guy. Rock on Bros!

Tactical Gauntlet 2!, 7:37 min.

Yep, I’m making the claim. I think this is the toughest, most comprehensive run and gun course you’ll find. I’m not saying we’re the best shooters because we’re not. I’m saying this course includes vehicle ops, trunk gun training, run and gun, weapon transitions, numerous positions and distances, speed reloads, tac reloads, shooting from vehicles stationary and moving and it’s all done as a team. Scores were kept and the time was running, making it as stressful as we can in training. This course was a ton of fun and was a great test of our skills as well as our weapons and load out systems.

Run and Gun Action with the GoPro, 12:53 min.

Havoc and I (Bane) finally made it out to the range to test our new gear. We were there for about 5 hours running-and-gunning, and testing .45ACP/9mmNATO that he loaded up earlier in the week.We have both run plate carriers (vests) before, but we have made some changes that took a bit to get used to. I got an entirely new setup, whereas (for now) Havoc just moved some things around.

Jessica Hook Shooting Steel at the Pro-Am Florida, 2:26 min.

I had a blast shooting the ProAm in Florida, Phil Strader runs the FUNNEST steel shooting competition ever! I used my TTI Glock 34. Par time for Limited Division was 20 seconds. Everyone (no matter the division) is limited to 10 round mags.

Run N Gun At Polenar Tactical, 2:30 min.

We had a fun weekend at the range. We did some “run and gun” and thought it would be interesting to see the comparison of two runs, one with a speed setup and the other with full body armor.Ammo was limited to 2×6 rounds for the rifle and 2×5 rounds for the pistol. As you can see from the video, the cumbersome vest made quite a difference in time and hits on metal plates. It restricts your movement and normal firearm manipulation so you have to adapt to it. That is why we recommend that you train with all of your equipment that you would normally use in a real life situation.

Run & Gun (HD) – Range Time with Cory & Erika, 6:04

This dynamic duo has been producing their own videos for the pleasure of shooters everywhere.
Both are not only good competition shooters but hunters, and self-protection advocates, as well.

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