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Sage Grouse and Antelope Hunting VIDEOS

Sage Grouse Populations – Wyoming 2:32 min.

New data on sage grouse numbers show populations will likely remain stable or be slightly lower compared to last year.

Upland Bird Hunting Wyoming 2019 – Sage Grouse 3:22 min.

Consultants Frank Loncarich and Kyle Hedges are headed to Wyoming to chase upland birds. They kick the hunt off with Sage Grouse.

Wyoming Archery Antelope 1:06 min.

Short clip of our early season antelope hunting in Wyoming.

Pronghorn Antelope Hunt in Wyoming 2:45 min.

John and Tamara Lundin, along with Wade and Wyatt Houston, are hunting for pronghorn antelope in Wyoming and harvest a nice buck.

Body-popping sage grouse – Nature’s Greatest Dancers – BBC One – 2:37 min.

Going through the motions, Wyoming’s sage grouse perform.

Saving the Strutting Sage Grouse 3:12 min.

More than 20 years of research is helping fragile sage grouse populations recover. The bird with the incredible chest-shaking, air- bag popping mating ritual has a rare success story.

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