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SC – GUN CONTROL – Cities Grow Bolder on Gun Control Laws

AROUND 2 A.M. ON AUG. 22, a Thursday, a 26-year-old man got into a verbal dispute with staff at McCary’s Bar and Grill, the same Columbia, South Carolina, sports bar he had recently been barred from. Then he pulled out a pistol and began firing indiscriminately, leaving two men dead and two others hospitalized. The shooting came the day after a 19-year-old was arrested over the recent killing of two teens in a Columbia suburb. The following Sunday, a man walked into morning services at the Centro Cristiano de Columbia church, on a wooded lot in the city’s northeast side, demanded money, and shot a parishioner. Within weeks, Columbia’s City Council unanimously passed new local gun control ordinances that prohibit guns near schools and make it easier for police to confiscate weapons from potentially dangerous residents. The new laws represented the city’s latest attempt to curb local gun violence, but they also amounted to a controversial political maneuver: South Carolina, along with 44 other states, has state laws in place, known as preemption laws, that limit cities’ ability to enact their own gun control measures. Yet many cities throughout the country continue to pass gun reforms, determined to take action against a ceaseless bloody national epidemic.  [full article]


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