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SC – GUN CONTROL – Columbia gun rule would probably be struck down in court, SC attorney general says

A rule the city of Columbia put in place to combat homemade guns likely violates state law and would not stand up in court, South Carolina’s attorney general said in an opinion this week. The office of Attorney General Alan Wilson issued a formal opinion Thursday that Columbia’s ban on “ghost guns” violates state law that prohibits local governments from passing most regulations of guns. “Ghost guns” are guns manufactured at home without serial numbers, which makes it much harder for law enforcement to track bullets fired by those weapons. On July 16, the city approved an ordinance that declared any location that manufactured a ghost gun to be a public nuisance. But an Upstate lawmaker, state Rep. Jonathon Hill, R-Anderson, wrote to the attorney general’s office asking whether the ordinance violated state law, which blocks local governments from regulating the ownership of firearms or their components beyond what state law already allows. “On its face, the Ordinance imposes a regulatory scheme, with potential civil and criminal consequences, targeting the ‘storage, warehousing, transfer, distribution or sale’ of a class of firearms,” says the opinion, signed by Assistant Attorney General David Jones. “We note that… possession and ownership of a firearm necessarily involves ‘storage’ of that firearm in some structure at some time.  [full article]

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