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SC – GUN CONTROL – Cottageville gun ordinance hearing yields confusion, unanswered questions

A lot of confusion and unanswered questions stemmed from Tuesday night’s public hearing on gun ordinances in the town of Cottageville. Mayor Tim Grimsley said he called the emergency meeting because of possible gun ordinance changes that he said were causing confusion in the town. The mayor said the meeting was held to address rumors he felt were causing confusion in the town. Even though that was the goal of the night, many people left with concerns about the wording of their gun laws. There was only standing room by the start of the meeting at Cottageville Town Hall. The Mayor said the town could change the language of the current ordinance. “Pellet rifles, slingshots, or other devices — we changed the word other device to other firearms. Somehow that got misconstrued,” said Grimsley. He said this word change would only clarify the current laws that are in place. “It got all turned around that we are trying to infringe on people’s Second Amendment rights,” said Grimsley. Grimsley explained that there is no need for an open carry on town property, including the park next door. “We are not trying to limit or take anything away. We just want you to be safe and use commons sense. Unfortunately, common sense is out of the window nowadays.” However, some people…  [full article]

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