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SC – GUN CRIME – Teens attack Zaxby’s employees with airsoft guns, police say

CHAPIN, SC (WACH) — Several Zaxby’s employees had terrifying moments as a group of teens with airsoft guns attacked them near the business Tuesday night. Chapin Police said what happened outside of the restaurant was a prank, but said it could come with some very serious consequences. “They were outside talking and in what can only be described as an ambush style attack. They were shot by multiple suspects with airsoft weapons,” said Chief Seth Zeigler. Two of the employees were hit. “One was struck in the upper arm and the other was struck next to her eye,” said Zeigler.

Police said between five to eight teens were involved, running up to the employees from the Waffle House parking lot. Since one woman was hit near the eye, the teens could face second degree assault charges. “The only way we can describe it is an ill-conceived prank. We don’t believe there was any robbery attempt. We don’t believe there’s any danger to the public at this time,” said Zeigler. “I think it was foolish kids doing a foolish thing,” said Don Williams, who works nearby. But, this could have ended very differently. [full article]

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