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SC – HUNTING – Response to South Carolina Deer Urine Ban…

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources released a new hunting rule last week banning urine-based scents, taking away an important hunting tool used by many successful hunters every year.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of false and misleading information driving policy and regulations regarding urine-based scents being a risk for spreading CWD.  The impact of banning these products on hunters and businesses, both small and large across the state this year will be huge.

In the recent press release by the South Carolina DNR, it was stated “CWD research conducted in Colorado showed that mule deer were able to be infected with CWD after exposure to just the urine, feces and saliva of infected deer.” This statement is misleading and misrepresents the actual scientific finding of these studies.  Many studies have attempted to transmit CWD with urine and none have been successful in deer.  Later studies in Colorado used urine from CWD sick deer, concentrated it 10-fold, and injected it directly into brains of mice that were genetically altered to be 6 times more susceptible to the disease than deer.  One of the 9 mice became infected.  We are led to believe that urine is a risk for spreading the disease by putting a small amount, from facilities that are enrolled in a program to safeguard their deer from risk of contamination, on a scent wick or squirting it on the ground when only one mouse became infected by injecting infected and concentrated urine into its brain? Hunters are not injecting deer with urine and the urine is coming from healthy animals and not sick ones!  [full article]

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