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SC – OPINION – It’s Not Guns, Steve Benjamin – Your City Has Too Many Damn Criminals

Columbia, South Carolina mayor Steve Benjamin is getting plenty of pats on the back from his liberal allies this week after delivering some passionate remarks at a recent press conference on the issue of guns (specifically his support for seizing them). According to the third-term incumbent – who took office in 2010 amid a cacophony of controversy – the Palmetto State’s capital city is home to escalating levels of violence because “we have too many damn guns on the streets.” His solution to the problem? Violating state law (and the Second Amendment) with a good old-fashioned government gun grab. Should we be surprised? No, as we have seen before, gun grabs are Benjamin’s reflexive response to the issue of “gun violence.” Even though the S.C. Code of Laws (§ 23-31-510) explicitly prohibits municipalities in the Palmetto State from passing “any ordinance that regulates or attempts to regulate … the transfer, ownership, possession, carrying, or transportation of firearms, ammunition, components of firearms, or any combination of these things.” But does Columbia really have a “gun violence” problem? Or does it have a “hoodlum problem?” And if it is the latter (as we suspect it is) … then who is responsible for the problem? As this news outlet pointed out in the wake of Benjamin’s latest lawless attempt to target law-abiding gun owners, we believe the real issue with public safety in Columbia revolves around the criminals his wife DeAndrea Benjamin and other left-leaning circuit court judges continue putting back on the streets.  [full article]

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