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SC – RETAILERS – 300 million more guns in the hands of Americans, Upstate gun shops weigh in on spike in sales (VIDEO)

The year 2020 has brought many new things, including records in gun sales. The FBI released new information Monday, saying more than 300 million more guns are in the hands of Americans.” Wayne Batson, owner of Sharpshooters in Greenville, said any time there is social unrest, election years, etc. the gun industry tends to see an uptick. Watson it’s hard to ignore the new information from FBI saying gun sales are now up by 300%.

Batson explains the bigger national picture is reflecting in sales locally. The FBI saying background check hit an all time record this June, 3.9 million completed nationwide. “You’ll come in and present your drivers license, we will run what they call a NIX check. It’s an instant check so we put your name, information and Social Security number, that  instantly checks if you have something in your background, you’ll be put on delay, if you don’t, you’ll be instantly pass through.” Wayne Batson said with the increase in background checks, there’s a shortage of guns and ammo. The supply chain having a hard time keeping up with the demand. Experts pinpoint the pandemic, protests and fear to the firearms we’re seeing in people’s hands. The FBI said July wasn’t far behind record breaking June. More than 3.6 million background checks were completed.  [full article]

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