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SC – SELF-PROTECTION – Why these rising GOP stars carry guns and want voters to know about it

Three years ago, an essayist in The Atlantic declared that conservatives had lost the culture war on guns in light of changing attitudes after school shootings in Florida, Connecticut and elsewhere. But support for the Second Amendment remains a winning issue for Republicans, and lately for Republican women. From newly elected congresswomen in Colorado and South Carolina, to the woman occupying the governor’s mansion in South Dakota, some rising stars in the GOP are at home on the firing range or in camouflage in the woods. And they make sure that their constituents know it, through posts on social media. “This is how we do social distancing in South Dakota,” Gov. Kristi Noem said in a Twitter post accompanied by video of her shooting a pheasant soaring over a corn field. Rep. Nancy Mace, of South Carolina, recently posted a photo taken while she was shooting at paper targets, saying that she needs to practice positioning her trigger finger. And a newly elected U.S. representative from Colorado made headlines internationally for arguing that members of Congress should be able to carry guns at the Capitol, a position that will likely be solidified by the violent intrusion into the legislative chambers by President Donald Trump’s supporters on Jan. 6. Here’s why guns still matter to Republicans on the hunt for votes, and a look at the GOP women who are using firearm knowledge to their advantage in their political careers.  [full article]

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