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School Daze

Bob Rogers

It all started in Florida when the March For Our Lives protest featuring surviving students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre partnered with most if not all of America’s anti-gun groups. The initial event, said to gather as many as 800,000 supporters of all ages, held the equally anti-gun media hostage for several weeks as the students traipsed across the country demanding more gun control.  What they didn’t realize was that gun control – at least a considerable segment of it that involved school shootings – was right under their noses.  Or desks, as it were.

During the school year and on a near daily basis, our news feeds include something about students with guns in schools.  Little attention has been paid to controlling guns within schools, themselves, and yet, that’s where the Stoneman Douglas shooting originated when a student of that school opened fire on his fellow students with an AR-15 semi-auto rifle.

We all know the details as well as the gun control fallout. What we don’t know is why school officials didn’t think to look within their own educational walls for the terrifying menace of one of their students with a gun. GunProPlus did look, however, and we decided to begin last mid-November a near-daily running account of students caught with guns in schools. Because GunProPlus is reliably headline-oriented, we call your attention to K-12 GUN HEADLINES, a news account of students with guns in schools. That section of this publication can be found on the GPP website’s lower right hand border column, below the ads, and it’s continued archiving by date under the locator, “Read More,” at the bottom of each daily K-12 section. We think you’ll be aghast, if not totally shocked, to learn that mass shootings of students in schools may be a bigger threat than anyone realized and one to which all the gun control groups should have been paying attention.

As the anti-gun advocates continue to push for more gun control legislation using – with media’s help – inane legislation to control law-abiding gun owners’ constitutional rights, they need to do what they should have done years ago as an aid to their intellectual deficiency on guns and gun owners, and gone back to school. Keeping guns out of schools begins with keeping guns free from schools and the students that bring them there.

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