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5 Features You Need In A Scope For Your Hunting Rifle, 3:15 min.

Proper magnification. Parallax adjustment. A fast-focus eyepiece. These are just three of the five most important considerations when choosing your next hunting riflescope.

Choosing a Scope Reticle, 2:22 min.

Learn to choose the best scope reticle for any shooting situation.

A Simple Explanation Of Riflescope Parallax, 2:04 min.

Understanding the concept of riflescope parallax and how it impacts your shooting accuracy can be very confusing. Not anymore. Lori Yunker from Burris Optics explains parallax in simple terms.

Tips for Aiming with Scopes, 2:51 min.

Learn how to mount and aim properly with a scope.

The Aimpoint red dot sight – For Hunting, 3:48 min.

Aimpoint sights make precision easy for hunters. Steady on target and parallax-free. Superior situation awareness.

Smart Thermal Rifle Scope ATN ThOR-HD with Camera for Night Hunting, 1:27 min.

ATN SMART Thermal Imaging Scope ThOR-HD with Camera, New Obsidian “T” II Thermal core, Shooting Solution and Recoil Activated Video (RAV), WiFi, Bluetooth and tons of other features.

Armasight Zeus Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope, 3:34 min.

Armasight introduces its Zeus Thermal Imaging Weapon Sights to the Sporting, Law Enforcement and Military markets. Based on the latest Tau 2 VOx microbolometer core it is composed of ten different models — each technology for a variety of uses and mission applications ranging from the seriously committed hunter to the military designated marksman.

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